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Whats the best current to use for a obstetric brachial plexus palsy (C5,C^6, C7 and T1), now he has 3 moths (2 in therapy) but non quirugical treatment yet. One option to try to get more better results on d enervate muscles

3 old month baby right side C5 c6 c7 Erb duchenne

Jorge Adrian Valverde Arras

2 years ago

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Today was a big surprise for me that baby had a big recovery on movement from their complete upper limb. (open finger, elbow flex-extension by his own, limited movement for shoulder) After birth, we wait 1 month to touch skin (avoid paint sensation) 2nd month used texture to control sensibilities and limited mobilization. 3rd month we used a conventional TENS for electro stimulation (d enervated nerves). During the 3rd and 4th moth, 2 weeks ago, we make a complimentary therapy with Vojta. And we had a very quickly positive results.

We will continue with electro stimulation (tens) even if positive results continues. So, if any experienced clinicians has another opinion i will like to try another positive ways to improve. I'll try to get experiences to get a protocol to deal with this kind of pathology. Regards

Dr Ethne Nussbaum
Dr Ethne Nussbaum

A most unfortunate injury. Good results can be expected when there are early signs of recovery. You do not mention if there are any encouraging signs of recovery in this baby. I have considerable experience treating denervated muscles in adults. I have never treated babies with Erb's Palsey. The electrical stimulation would not likely be tolerated because of intact skin sensation. I wonder if any one else among our experienced clinicians has a view on this.

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