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RF Indiba versus Enraf tecarpuls

Hi. Hope this is ok to ask here? I'm really interested in looking at purchasing a RF unit. Maybe because it's really cold in North Wales and it looks like a really comfortable treatment for many of my chronic patients, alongside standard physio care, but there does seems to be some impressive evidence about therapeutic benefits - shared with the various manufacturers. I've just listened to an Indiba presentation from Prof Tim Watson, and interestingly found his same evidence being used on an Enraf talk. The differences in the devices I can find is that Indiba offer Cap and Res Mode - Enraf just Capacitive, and power in Cap mode Indiba - up to 450VA and Enraf 144VA. I would appreciate any thoughts? Thank you

Alison Smith

2 months ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Alison I cannot advise on which Tecar to purchase. I just wanted to reassure you that although not widely used in the UK nearly every practice in Italy and Spain has one. There is a lot of technique involved to get the best results so your decision may be based on who provides the best educational support. You should just buy one and be shown how to switch it on! Sorry I cannot be more helpful Cliff

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