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Mitral valve replace ENT and tens for knee

Are there any Contraindications for using tens with history of knee replacement along with history of Mitral valve replacement with a metallic valve?

Janine mckay

2 years ago

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Prof Richard Liebano
Prof Richard Liebano

Applying TENS on knee in this case is completely safe.


Hi Janine, I do not think so. But you can find more information right here: ELECTROPHYSICAL AGENTS Contraindications and Precautions: An Evidence-Based Approach to Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy VOLUME 62 NUMBER 5 SPECIAL ISSUE 2010 ISSN-0300-0508 E-ISSN-1708-8313. Regards

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Nothing specific BUT it depends on where it is that you want to be applying the TENS? Metal in the tissues - so long as it is 'passive - i.e. not powered with battery or some equivalent power unit - is not a problem - so TENS over the knee replacement is not an issue. A metallic Mitral valve is also (as I understand them) a mechanical implant rather than a powered electronic implant - so I would not see any issues in that case either.

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