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Low Level Laser Protocol Help

Hi There

I would like to kindly ask you guys opinion about what would it be the ideal generic protocol for the Low Level Laser application setting in the Acute, Subacute and Chronic Musculoskeletal condition.

The Probe I use is the 9 Diode Probe - Cluster 5x100mW and at the current moment I utilize the below settings.

Acute condition: Frequency: 155Hz / Calculated Dosage: 10.6 J / Treatment time: 22 seconds Subacute: Frequency: 5000Hz / Calculated Dosage: 13.6 J / Treatment time: 28 seconds Chronic: Frequency: 20000Hz / Calculated Dosage: 16.5 J / Treatment time: 34 seconds

Would you guys agree with the settings above? Do you have any information to add/change the settings above to optimize my treatment care?

I really appreciate your input

Many thanks


Fernando Souza

1 year ago

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Thanks for your latest responses on photobiomodulation (Laser) therapy. I’m afraid I disagree with your comment that frequency etc is too complicated. It’s really important to have an understanding of these factors in order to apply the therapy appropriately and safely, and according to the evidence; and so that appropriate changes can be made to dosing according to the patent’s response. Suggest you at least refer to the WALT guidelines that can be found at: Cheers, Liisa Laakso


Frequency is too complicated, the watts, wavelength of laser, treatment time, treatment protocols ( the acupoint, or trigger point ) determines the Laser treatment effect.

For the musculoskeletal pain, inflammation, this 60W 980nm Laser machine is best

Only 5-10 mins per treatment time, one laser treatment you will get the better results for acute pain, inflammation


Yes, that’s correct, a single diode. A multiple diode array will not affect the recommendations as the dose is “per point”. You are using a device of high output power (I am assuming it is average power and not peak power, right?)

Generally speaking, you are correct that you are likely to need lower fluence (energy density or dose, if you like) for acute conditions and higher fluence for more chronic conditions.

However, the other factor to consider is the depth of the target tissue. You’ll note in the WALT recommendations that deeper joints (lower spine and hip, for example) require higher fluence. I urge you to use the WALT guidelines as they are, at this time, the best evidence-based recommendations that we have. Cheers, Liisa


Dear Lisa

Thanks for your reply

The dosage recommendation seems to be for a single probe laser. I utilize the 9 diode cluster laser with a power output 540mw and power density 71.61 According to my type of laser, Would you recommend as a generic settings, a energy density for acute injury - 4.5j/cm2 and for chronic - 8j/cm2. ?

Thanks again



Dear Fernando, There is no “one size fits all” for laser photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. It is one of the best researched modalities in the field of Electrophysical Agents and there is an enormous body of evidence now. To find evidence-based dose recommendations for different musculoskeletal conditions, I suggest that you go to the following website of the World Association for Laser Therapy:

Best regards, Liisa

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