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Low level laser dosage for deep tissue injury


I'm tryingto treat a chronic area of severe tissue and nerve damage to the jaw and neck area.
I've an old omega unit.

Multi wave probe red and infrared,
Total power 1090 mw. Just under 40 mw/cm2 power density. So 25 secs for 1 joules. /cm2. Its also got different pulse frequencies. Also got a 100mw 808 nm pen.

I've been treating it for c4 minutes x 4 areas every 4 days or so followup practitioners advice but not really getting anywhere.

I also do 1 min on Lymph point, liver etc.

Also if there's anything I can do to calm the Nervous system.
Someone suggested I also do LED pads in between.

Any advice much appreciated Thanks for your help

Anne A

2 years ago

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Dr Ethne Nussbaum
Dr Ethne Nussbaum

Hi Anne. This sounds like a difficult case. Is your present goal to decrease your patient's pain or to promote tissue healing. My experience does not match your situation wrt the laser you are using, therefore might not apply. I suggest that 10J/cm^2 may be a high dose given that the soft tissue around the neck is a relatively thin layer. Possibly try a much lower dose - 4J/cm^2 or less, for pain. Target the facial nerve in front of the ear. Try a few treatments before reassessing effect. Ethne

Jessica Nelson, Omega Laser Systems
Jessica Nelson, Omega Laser Systems

Hi Anne, If you would like to give me a call we can discuss this particular case in more detail and see if I can help with additional suggestions re protocols Jessica Nelson, Omega Laser Systems 01787477551

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