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How do I load a tendinopathy during/after shockwave treatment?

Are there certain patients who would benefit from a period of ‘not running’, versus ‘managing’ running loads during the shockwave period. For example a person with x pain, with condition x weeks/months, with an event in either a short or longer time away.

Is shockwave something to try if someone has a long distance event in 4-6 weeks with an acute onset of plantar fascia or patella tendon pain? Would that help any more than any other modality or approach?

Regarding any potential ‘weakness’ in the tendon post-shockwave, is this theoretical or of clinical significance? Is a person at risk if they train after having shockwave?


Ben Konings

7 months ago

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Prof Oscar Ronzio
Prof Oscar Ronzio

Hi Ben. Some articles related changes in tendon structure (using UTC) after ESWT. Using the pain monitoring level and managing the load is always a good option.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi Ben Hope you are well. Sorry for the tardy response but the site was hacked into :( Perhaps quicker to use my email The evidence suggests that a tendinopathy will do better when shockwave is combined with Optimal loading. This may mean a reduction in the frequency or rate of load, or a progressive increase in load. As there is an analgesic effect with shockwave it is advisable, although not set in stone, to rest from full weight bearing exercise for 24-48 hours post shockwave. The cells that have been influenced by the shockwave treatment, provide new tissue material that can then be influenced by exercise. So start with low mileage and gradually built up the mileage as symptoms allow. There is nothing to suggest that shockwave therapy will 'weaken' a tendon Cliff

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