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Heart disease contraindication TENS/EMS

Could anyone assist with information or point to references regarding heart condition contraindication. Thank you

Rick Rowan

3 years ago

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Hey. This is a great post - so clear and so easy to follow. you can more information about this

Last updated 1 year ago

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Rick. Both Alison and Sandy make an important point - 'heart conditions' can cover everything from a minimal murmur through to atrial fibrillation and everything in between. There can be concerns when TENS is placed in the thoracic area when the patient has an unstable cardiac status, but it is not a 'blanket' contraindication - so TENS to the knee when someone has a history of MI 5 years ago would not be an issue. Do you have anything 'additional' that would help to make a valid response or was it a general query - iu.e. not pertaining to a specific patient?? Tim

Dr Sandy Rennie
Dr Sandy Rennie

I have to agree with my colleague Alison Hoens. Without more information about your scenario, I believe the contrainidcations & precautions for TENS/NMES are best covered in the Physiotherapy Canada journal from 2010 (62:5 Special Issue).

Prof Alison Hoens
Prof Alison Hoens

I am uncertain as to what you mean by 'heart condition' e.g. uncontrolled BP or arrhythmia or pacemaker etc. and thus I am unable to direct you to specific references. You may wish to refer to the resource on contraindications/precautions for EPAs which is available through University of Toronto press

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