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Frequency of LLLT application

I have a horse I have been asked to treat with a laceration to the carpus. Tension stitches were removed 4 days ago and healing well. How often would you treat this would with LLLT?

Kirsty rawden

1 year ago

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That's depends on which kind of laser do you use, but for horse, the class 3B laser is better, you can use it once or twice per day, continuously use one week, rest one day, normally only 3 laser treatment, you will get better results, this Handheld laser is great, better price, enough power, portable, free laser protocols


Hello Kirsty I worked with LLT before, now I've changed to Class4. So in horses hypergranulation is a problem. Try to reduce the swelling over the granulation tissue first, only than your wound can start to close. I treat daily as long the granulation is not reduced, Than go for alterned day therapy. As Cliff states it is not usefull to keep on treating more than once a day. The tissue has to be able to absorb the laser energy and needs time to "recycle" it. Pushing to much is not in favor of more rapid healing.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Kirsty I am in full Agreement t with time. The literature suggests that for acute wounds we use low energy values ( have a look at WALT website fir recommended dosages albeit suggested fir humans), daily for the first week. Second week increase the dose but reduce frequency to 3 times a week but not on consecutive days. NB do not be tempted to treat twice daily!

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Kirsty. If I had a choice I would go for a low dose approach and if possible go for a 1 x daily treatment - if it was an option for you - but there are those out there with more expertise with laser and with horses, so would vbe interested to hear what they have to say on the topic. Tim

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