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Electrotherapy and dry needling

Hello everyone! My topic is about dry needling and electrotherapy in various conditions (neuro and MSK). In the marketplace the equipment for electro-acupuncture (EA) offers low frequency TENS. Has anyone tried different electrotherapy modalities except TENS? Is there any research / literature about this?

Dimitrios Rafailidis

6 months ago

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Prof Oscar Ronzio
Prof Oscar Ronzio

Hi Dimitrios. I´ve been using/researching since many years the usage of galvanic microcurrent with acupunture needles for treating tendinopathies and trigger points. It´s very different to electro-acupunture because the aplication makes electrolysis due to it´s a galvanic current. So.. Be carefull!

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

We have a trial - data collection completed, analysis underway - in which we were comparingf different delivery systems - needle acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and TEAS - which is effectiely the application of normal TENS electrodes directly over the acupuncture point. The electroacupuncture seems to have generated the strongest response - not surprisingly - but using a standard TENS with standard TENS skin surface electrodes actually got quite close - and for some patients who don't like needles, a far more preferable option. Appreciate that this is not a direct answer to your query, but I (professionally) can use TENS, but I can't put needles in - so it gives me an option that I can utilise. Tim

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi Dimitrios I know that electro acupuncture is a popular modality in the Nordic countries. The published literature is scarce, although I am sure Tim will have some on his database. As for using other wavelength types other than TENS, I am not aware of any. The purpose is to provide pain relief, which is seems to provide in the studies I have read on OA Knee Cliff

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