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Could ultrasound be useful to delay the onset of dupuytren's disease?

Has anyone used ultrasound to relieve or delay the onset of dupuytren's disease? If so I would be very interested to hear your protocol and dosage parameters. I can find only very few dated papers on this, please let me know if I may have missed any! It stands to reason as the disease causes contracture of fascia that ultrasound could be effective. Dupuytren's runs in my partners family and I can already feel some facial restriction in his hand movements, I am considering whether a regular course of US would keep on top of the facial restriction and potentially delay the onset.

Alice Darby

1 year ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Agree that the published material is (a) old and (b) thin on the ground. Anecdotally (I have worked with a LOT of hand therapists over the years), its use appears to have a 'softening' effect on the tissues (in my terms this is a change in tissue extensibility). In order to do this, relatively high doses need to be delivered and a significant heat effect needs to be achieved. Whether ultrasound is the optimal way to achieve this heating is certainly not established (certainly not for Dupuytrens) though it would make an interesting and relatively straightforward study. At the end of the day, certainly supported anecdotally if not by recent research evidence.


I don't know any specific contraindication to ultrasound on DD different than generic contraindications ultrasound it self.


Thanks, in any DD cases has US been contraindicated?


In fact the literature is scarce and outdated. Kathleen Sluka in "Mechanisms and management of pain for the physical therapist", (2009 IASP Press), as other book authors, refers ulltrasound as a promoter deep temperature, pain relife and soft-tissue extensibility. In practice we use continuous ultrasound on inicial fases aplyed directly and palm: 3Mhz; 0,5W/cm2 for about 3 to 4 minuts (depending on palm size). We hope in returne to get some tissue softening to try extende the fascia. It seems to us that in same cases we can provide some relief, functionality and delay in cirigical intervention. Hop it helps

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