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Can you use shockwave over fractures?

I have a patient with a fractured Femur following an RTA in December. It has been fixated but isn't healing.

Hannah Humphries

1 year ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Hanna 'High energy' FSWT has been used for delayed union and non union fractures since the early 1990s. You will find plenty of evidence to support this. You have access to iDJO. In Austria High Energy FSWT machines are now the first choice for this presentation That said I agree with Lilsa why is ESWT being considered? Is the delayed union well over the expected healing time? Remember union is delayed with a fixation. The patient should be encouraged to participate in lots of weight bearing exercises if they are not already If the clinician feels FSWT is the way forward then they will need to refer to a fracture clinic with a High Energy FSWT eg Orthotron. Clinical versions of ESWT machines will not be pertinent as they only produce low/medium energy values Best wishes Cliff


Dear Hannah, Can I ask why you are considering shock wave over a fracture? Cheers, Liisa

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