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Can we use faradic stimulation,using pen electrode to treat bakers cyst???

Bakers Cyst physiotherapy treatment suggestions


5 months ago

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Prof Alison Hoens
Prof Alison Hoens

I agree with my colleagues. My understanding of a Baker's cyst is that there is leaking of intraarticular fluid from the synovium of the tibiofemoral joint - typically related to cartilage damage / arthritis. Treating the cause to attentuate the synovial fluid volume is key - thus, repetitive small arc ROM is important as well as avoiding prolonged end of range flexion and extension.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Anamika I agree with Tim. I thought exactly the same when I was reading your question. Remember a Bakers Cyst is an indication of an unhappy knee. Establish the cause and address that and the Baker's cyst will subside Best wishes Cliff

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Anamika. Thank you for your query. I am really not sure what it is that Faradic Stimulation can achieve that would be of benefit to a patient with Bakers cyst (maybe I am just missing the point?). Faradism was employed historically as a means to stimulate intact motor nerves. Given that the stim is applied at either 50 or 60Hz, and given that muscle contraction is the primary outcome, can see a logical reason for use. I would be inclined to turn the Q around and ask what it is that you are wanting to achieve - and then identify the modality which is most able to deliver it. Tim

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