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Can anyone point to a specific issue in this nerve conduction study?

There is absent bilateral superficial peroneal sensory response. Right sural sensory response has slightly prolonged peak latency but it is otherwise normal with normal conduction velocity. Right lateral femoral cutaneous sensory response has slightly prolonged peak latency at 3.3 ms compared to the left at 2.6ms. The amplitude for the right lateral femoral cutaneous sensory nerve is normal at 20.1 uV.

Nerve conduction study of the left peroneal motor nerve is normal. Right peroneal motor response when recorded from extensor digitorum brevis has prolonged distal latencym decreased CMAP amplitude, and slowing of conduction between fibular head and popliteal fossa at 33m/s. Right peroneal motor response, when recorded from tibialis anterior, is normal. Right tibial motor F wave response is normal.

Andjela Miholjcic

7 months ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Andjela Not one I can answer -sorry. I just wanted to apologise that we havent got back to you before this but our website was hacked and we are just getting up and running again. I am hopeful one of my colleagues may have an answer for you Cliff

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