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Ultrasound treatment effective for Trigger finger??

Hello ,

I have a patient with chronic Trigger finger , not resolved by conservative means of splinting /exercises. Patient is not keen on injection therapy or surgical opinion. Is there any evidence of US treatment in managing trigger finger??


7 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Fal. Interesting that this is an anecdotally supported intervention yet there is very little in the published literature to either support or refute its use. I have worked with many hand therapists over the years and run numeous courses on the use of ultrasound in hand therapy. Many practitioners use this treatment and report (anecdotal) good results. I was sure that I had at least a couple of papers in my database on the topic, but can not locate them - so either they are not there, and I remembered incorrectly or my searching skills are failing. Maybe others can assist. At this time, I can confirm anecdotal support but no significant publications to back that up. Tim

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