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shockwave therapy for treating dorsal area

Hi In all contra indication for shockwave therapy it is written not to work on the dorsal spine area, but in my machine and other movies I have seen that it is possible to treat the trapezius area. Is it safe to trapezius, supra supinatus, infra supinatus?

orly platner

4 months ago

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thank you very much

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Orly. As Cliff says, it is fine to use shockwave in these muscle regions up and around the shoulder girdle. The Radial version does not have the capacity to cause lung damage so far as I can see. If you used focused shockwave and aimed it between the ribs and focused onto the lung tissue, then you might be heading into a risk area, but does not sound like that is what you are planning to do - so should be fine. Tim


Dear Cliff Thanks for your response. I read the contraindication at the ISMST websites but they do not specify. They said 'Lung tissue in the treatment area" but I am not sure if the mean the the muscle around like trapezius, supra and infra supinatus and the para vertebral muscles. Hope to hear from you again Orly

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi Orly In manufacturers hand books they state not to treat over the spine on one page of their handbook and on another give you a protocol fro facet joint treatment The reason for this is to get a licence to sell a medical product they must demonstrate that their machine will not cause harm. It is easier and cost saving for a manufacturer to blanketly contraindicate anything they havent tested. This does not mean it causes harm In Prof Tim Watson's forthcoming book: Electrophysical Agents: Evidence based practice this is explained in the contraindications chapter. In the meantime to gain reassurance I point you to the ISMST and DIGEST (German Language) websites, which provide you with guidelines on contraindications for low energy Focused shockwave and radial pressure wave You ARE safe to treat over the areas you have listed Best wishes Cliff

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