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? Shockwave for treating ganglions

I have a patient with a small palpable lump, 2/12 duration, that I suspect to be a flexor hallucis longus ganglion. Can shockwave be used to treat this?

Sally Church

2 weeks ago

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Prof Oscar Ronzio
Prof Oscar Ronzio

Dear Sally. I didn´t use ESWT in ganglios and I didn´t find articles in pubmed. My recommendation is to do a diagnostic ultrasound to verify if the lump is a ganglion. Ganglions are similar (but not equal in many aspects) to a tenosinovitys and ESWT should work. In my practice I use percutaneous low intensity electrolysis for treating them. It works great but sometimes appears again after a couple or years, depending on the patient activity. Best,


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