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Radial Shockwave Therapy on a 8 week pregnant woman

Performed a 15 sec Radial Shockwave Therapy on Upper Trapezius Muscle trigger point on a 8 week pregnant woman isit harmful?


3 months ago

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ihorhordiychuk758 Contraindications

  1. Radial and focused waves with low energy 1.1. Malignant tumor in the treatment area (not as underlying disease) 1.2. Fetus in the treatment area
  2. High energy focused waves 2.1. Lung tissue in the treatment area 2.2. Malignant tumor in the treatment area (not as underlying disease) 2.3. Epiphyseal plate in the treatment area 2.4. Brain or Spine in the treatment area 2.5. Severe coagulopathy 2.6. Fetus in the treatment area

Hi Wayne! It is not harmful at all.Your "region of interest " has no connection to the fetus.So,your patient is safe even if you would perform 15 minutes of R-SWT for Upper Trapezius Muscle.

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