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Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy treatment with cancer present

Hello, if a dog has a bladder tumour in-situ. Is it ok to treat their hindlimb arthritic condition with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy? If it is not advisable, is it suitable to treat every 3-6 months or so maybe? thank you


3 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Aisling. Thank you for your query. This is a remarkably 'grey' area - in that there is not hard evidence one way or the other. Generally speaking, one would avoid introducing energy into the tissue in which there is a tumour (whether that is ultrasound or laser or magnetic fields) on the basis that it COULD have a dertimental effect on the tumour growth. We have just spent the best part of 18 months looking at the current contraindications list for all modalities for the new edition of the Electro text (at the printers - out soon - I hope)and in that work, we have identified Pulsed Magnetic Field based therapy as a LOCAL CONTRAINDICATION when there is malignancy in the tissue. The critical question is this (in my opinion) : would the energy that you are applying reach the site of the malignant tissue??? If the answer is yes (or even possibly/maybe) then I would be reluctant to deliver - you might make things worse - and once you have done so, then there is no coming back. I am normally more 'liberal' than many when it comes to contraindications, but in this case I would err on the side of caution Sorry for a long reply


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