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Hello,I have issues regarding Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy parameters! II know that now devices allow to set up the length of the impulse (in microseconds) and also to adjust frequency. What parameters do you use and based on what knowledge? (Earliest machines like Curapulse,used a 400 microseconds impulse and could set up the doses from 1 to 10). I am talking especially about the intensity.

Nadinne Roman

3 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

The main issue with Pulsed Shortwave - in terms of clinical efficacy appears to be related to the MEAN POWER delivered. We compared (unpublished as yet) different pulse parameters to reach the same delivered mean power and the physiological effects were equivalent - suggesting that the mean power is key. In general terms, shorter duration pulses in the more acute stages is supported by the clinical evidence. The older machines with fixed pulse durations are less flexible in this regard. I have tried to sumnmarise the effects and the main dose issues on the web pages ( and the information is also available as a download from the site - in case that helps. Any help? Tim

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