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My mother is suffering from pain in her legs

My mother is suffering from pain in her legs. Her joints hurt. We tried a warming ointment, but the pain doesn't go away. What else can you advise us?


6 months ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Aleks Diagnosis is key to finding a solution to you mother's leg pain. It may be due to aging joints, it may be referred from her back, a systemic condition or plenty of other causes I cannot advocate the use of ointments or gels as most barely penetrate more than the dermis. Some may get into the blood stream but this is then transported around the whole body My advice get a diagnosis. If the pain is due to Osteoarthritis (wear and tear) seek advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist. Electrophysical Agents like Ultrasound, Laser , Shockwave have all been shown to provide relief from OA pain. My recommendation would be use of High Power Laser. This has not only been shown to help with pain but also increase the thickness of the lining in the knee joint Hope that helps Cliff


I remember that once I also tried a warming ointment for joint pain, but it did not help me. Then my doctor friend advised me to try cbd oil from the site . After that, my pain was gone.

Last updated 6 months ago

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