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Muscle Stimulation for Post Polio Syndrome

Are there any concerns / contraindications for using muscle stimulation (FMS) on post polio patients weakened limbs?

Specifically to stimulate a very weak lower limb (quads), recently made worse due to knee immobilisation after a traumatic femoral fracture which is now healed and able to mobilise / weight-bear.

Philip Morel

6 months ago

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Thanks Luisef258,

I posted this question as another physiotherapist has advised a friend of our patient also with post polio syndrome that:

  1. EMS is generally aimed at individuals with and upper motor neurone issue rather than a peripheral one.

  2. Post polio symptoms could be made worse by over use of muscle groups with EMS, particularly those too weak to work against gravity.

I wonder if any other contributors to this website had any other input or guidance on this subject?

Our patient has been finding his quads activation to improve using the EMS, but we want to be sure that this is the best treatment course for him.

Kind regards, Philip Morel


Hello, Philip I am not aware of any contraindications for the use of any type of electrotherapy in post-polio patients, who may be different from other patients. I have even used TENS (antlagic) in this type of patients. Physiotherapy Canada has an article that is a good source of information on this subject. "ELECTROPHYSICAL AGENTS Contraindications and Precautions: An Evidence-Based Approach to Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy. Physiotherapy Canada, VOLUME 62 NUMBER 5 SPECIAL ISSUE 2010 ISSN-0300-0508 E-ISSN-1708-8313". Regards

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