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MLS ASA Laser Mphi 75. Is it really much more effective rather than HIL therapy laser devices?

Hi everyone! Please provide the advise on ASA laser Mphi 75,- practicality, adventage, efficacy in compering to HIL therapy laser devices. the link to the manufacture) : Thanks in advance for your advise.


7 months ago

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Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Dear Ihor Firstly please accept our apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Unfortunately for the second time now this site has been attacked by hackers. The site therefore has not been active and panel members are still not being notified of new posts. Why hackers wish to attack a site like this beggars belief! Not wishing to promote one manufacturer over another, I will share what I believe you should consider when purchasing a HPL Power is the major selling point. Clever marketing can mislead therapists. For example for the site you gave they advertise their machine as 75W peak power. That is simply a statement of the highest 'peak. power it can produce. This is ONLY available in pulsed mode. For biostimulation you need to know the operating power in continuous mode. I maybe wrong but from the spec sheet this appears to be 1.2W. This is the power emitted from the probe. They then mention a 2cm therapeutic terminal. So your energy density (applied to the patient) would be 0.6W/cm - multiply this by time will give you J/cm2. So if you held the probe stationary for 1 sec = 06J/cm. The 4cm Laserpuncture terminal would provide you with 0.3W/cm. The power levels are also, I note, only adjustable in 25% increments There are manufacturers with HPLs providing continuous power at 12W or 15W. If this is applied, in a typical example, using a 5cm stand off; then you would be providing 3W/cm to you patient. So the desired energy prescribed would be administered 5 times quicker Continuous mode is for biostimulation but can result in a thermal effect - not what you want for acute or inflammatory presentations. In the situation you need pulsed mode with varying Duty cycles depending on how acute the presentation is. So for example you may choose to use 10% for very acute, 20% for acute, 50% for sub acute etc On the spec sheet you referred me to it states they have 'fixed duty cycle of 50% or variable'. Not sure why not just having variable but ensure that you can accommodate acute and chronic conditions I hope this advise assists you in any future purchase you make. I would certainly state from my clinical experience that this would make a sound investment Cliff

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