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Is it safe to use vaginal e-stim with a lady who has had vaginal mesh surgery

With the current mesh crisis unfolding worldwide we are looking into our policies on electrotherapy and safety governance. Is it safe to use vaginal e-stim with a patient who has underwent vaginal mesh surgery e.g. TVT or prolapse repair. I don't think conduction would be an issue with the implant, however due to the potential erosion issues should we avoid a treatment like this? This was discussed at a recent advanced pelvic floor course for physiotherapists which I attended in Ireland and the consensus was that we do not know enough about the effects some treatments may be having on implants e.g. mesh and with that in mind we should not carry them out. Would love to hear what others think


Grainne Donnelly

1 year ago

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Prof Alison Hoens
Prof Alison Hoens

Hello Grainne, the key point for me with this situation is acknowledgment that current will take the path of least resistance and thus I suspect that this may influence the recruitment of muscle during stimulation. A secondary point, only as a reminder, is to ensure that there were no other contraindications or precautions for a given individual / situation (see Houghton, Nussbaum & Hoens 2010 Contraindications & Precautions for Electrophysical Agents). I am not aware of any specific literature dealing with this specific situation. I too am interested in the thoughts of others.

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