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I want to generate unusually high levels of heat in biological samples using magnetic induction.

Sorry beyond me this one but hopefully someone will have an answer for you

Cliff Eaton

4 years ago

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Niki Giada
Niki Giada

mike.1963281 said:

Re fisioniki289:

Hi Niki. Thank you for the lively reply. My experiment is subject to intellectual property restrictions at the moment, so I cannot give away any details. I am sorry about that.

I am not familiar with radartherapy, but from what I can gather it uses low-intensity microwaves? Is this correct? Do you happen to know what frequency is used, and how close the head is to the source? (If it is within one wavelength, then we are in the "near field", and the effects will be mainly magnetic as opposed to electromagnetic. Electromagnetic waves simply heats the water by dielectric heating; I am specifically looking for magnetic induction heating to preferentially heat the electrically conductive constituents of our biological material. )

Thank you again for the interest.


Well, radartherapy "old school" , if i remember good, works around 28 MHz ... (i'll double check...) anyway, is an irradiative therapy. And you can keep it also at 5cm of distance and heats up pretty fast human tissues...

If you want a real INDUCTION, for the conductive biological material, maybe you should use a Magnetic Induction System... you have to build one.

Niki Giada
Niki Giada

Hi! First I'm really interested in the purpose of your experiment, anyway... Magnetic Induction is one thing, a shortwave diathermy effect is something else.

If you want a REAL magnetic can use an Induction Heating device, few second you can MELT the iron :) And you can build it one by your self (or with the helps of some Geek/Nerd or technician) BUT BE CAREFUL, high voltages, high currents...and you really melt the iron :) A medical device in use here in Italy is the Diamagnetic Pump, but I don't know how much is capable to heat up in few and is DAMN expensive:

INSTEAD, you can use other "waves" devices...

  • Radartherapy over 200-300 W can heat up human tissues in really few seconds, and here we talk about a real irradiation of shortwave.

  • Longwave Diathermy devices (known as T.E.C.A.R. or Diathermy system...) is more an electrotherapy, working in AC, 500KHz of frequency, no irradiation, that can really heat up human tissues in seconds, especially with small probes and high power (around 300W), in less than 5sec you can reach over 42°.

For any other question or curiosity, I'm here, Hoping to be of help and learn each other.

Niki Giada, Physiotherapist - Scientific and Medical Advisor or R&D


How about that new diathermy type: Tecar, would that be of any help?

Patrick De Bock, PT, physiotherapy school, Anwterp University, Belgium.

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