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I am wondering what the evidence is for effectiveness or if anyone has any experience with using TENS to treat a client with severe chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy? Thanks!

She has been treated for ovarian cancer. Chemo was discontinued due to severe pain and complete bilateral foot drop. I am looking for any information or advice on using modalities for pain relief. Thank you

Jacqueline Devoe

11 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

There was a recent paper (Tonezzer, T., et al. (2017). "Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms (CIPN): a preliminary case-control study." J Phys Ther Sci 29(4): 685-692.) which might help. Most of the other neuropathy papers that I have in my database relate to diabetic neuropathy and although they might be unsful, they are clearly related to a different clinical presentation. The Tonexxer paper will have some reference links and doing a 'Related Articles' search in Google Scholar will find you extras if there are others out there


Dear Jacqueline, There is some research that has been done re: TENS in the broader field of chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy. Do you have access to PubMed? If so, try these links. If not, contact me privately. - electroacupuncture - pulse frequency too low - acupuncture-like TENS - this was a prevention study - a pilot trial

Regards, Liisa


Hi Jacqueline I have no practice in the treatment of neuropathic pain in patients treated with chemotherapy, but in general nerophatic situations I have some good results using TENS. I would definitely use it for the purpose you refer. Some articles that I took of the Net that, despite the contoversia, can be useful in the decision making. Regrads

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