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ESWT Machine Sold at Walmart; Legitimate?

I've been reading about the use of ESWT/LSWT devices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for a few years now, and the practice seems to be a legitimate, effective therapy.

There are now clinics in the US that offer this therapy, but it costs about $2,500 for the recommended series of visits.

Lately, I've seen relatively cheap devices online from China that purport to let you do it yourself at home, which is intriguing, but also highly suspect.

Now, it appears Walmart is selling one such device:

The manufacturer name, as well as wave specifications, are listed there.

Does this look legitimate?

Aj Z

2 years ago

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Dinesh Verma
Dinesh Verma


As clearly explained by Prof Tim - I will repeat - ANY Sales Platform may claim effects - but Key is Have these claims been PROVEN and APPROVED by Authorities for Claimed clinical effect.
We see numerous other devices too - Home use Ultrasound ; Light Therapy and IPL devices.... Key to look is -
Are they Medically classified and Approved ? by FDA / CE / or relevant authorities in markets.

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

There is a high volume of research literature in which shockwave is effectively used for erectile dysfunction. There are also numerous reviews on the subject. The most effective approach appears to be using low dose focused shockwave (a gross over simplification of a a lot of published work). There are many low cost and some remarkably dubious devices out there. I get messages in my inbox every week about these bits of kit (mostly from China). I do not know what the Walmart device is all about, but the evidence says, on my reading, that the applied dose of shockwave energy is critical for effective outcome. The devices used in therapy / medical practice are supposed to be capable of replicating these clinically evidenced doses. I might be wrong, but I would be somewhat surprised if a supermarket , over the counter device was delivering low intensity focused shockwave. One assumes it has FDA certification??? so I guess that if it is delivering the 'right' dose, then they will have demonstrated this to the authorities. Just because it is called 'shockwave' does not necessarily mean that it is delivering the optimal/evidenced dose for all indications - so without additional knowledge with regards this particular device (which I do not currently have) I could not say for sure one way or the other (others might know - will be interested to see), but in the meantime, I would (personally) resist the temptation to spend cash. Tim


I see this post has 40 views and no comments. Maybe someone can recommend a different forum for this question?


(You have to click the arrow next to "about this item" to see the specs and other info).

I'll copy and paste the specs here:

Specification: Product Name:Electricity Shockwave Massage Machine Color;Silver + blue Voltage:AC110V-AC220V Frequency:50HZ/60HZ Power:90W MAX Current:2A MAX Output frequency numbers:16 Output level numbers:12 Transmitters numbers:7pcs Product Size:2156060mm Package box size:380*295m

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