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EMS for dennervated upper trapezius and partly innervated lower trapezius in spinal accessory nerve palsy

I am a 55 year old Dermatlogist in Australia with an iatrogenic spinal accessory nerve palsy.

Injury was 12 months ago.

I have just had a C7 nerve transfer which will take 6 months before any innervation occurs.

On EMG The UPPER trapezius is completely denervated.

For the dennervated upper trapezius, I am wondering if using EMS to directly stimulate the muscle (eg 1hr/day 175 ms pulse width, biphasic waveform, 60 mA, <2Hz) .. see below machine.

Based on the following summary...

The mid lower trapezius on the EMG is showing some mild innervation, probably from Cross innervation from surrounding nerves.

For this I am considering EMS at 20 Hz for an hour a day with a 0.1ms duration at a ?? mA/V intensity, maybe with a Compex EMG machine

Advice , suggestions and comments please

Karen Stapleton

3 months ago

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