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Electrical stimulation via vaginal probe with patients who have an IUD insitu

Is it safe to use vaginal E-Stim with an IUD in situ? We have had several debates on our global clinical interest groups within pelvic health physiotherapy and there is no general consensus. Several manufactures of stim devices, probes and IUDs have issued conflicting guidance with some coming back saying e-stim should not be used even with Mirena Coil as the stings contain a titanium compound, while several other companies have replied saying e-stim is safe for both types of IUD.

Appreciate any guidance on the issue


Grainne Donnelly

1 year ago

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Prof Richard Liebano
Prof Richard Liebano

Hello Grainne Donnelly! Considering that electrical currents used for e-stim are currently non-polarized and the vaginal electrode is placed below to the uterus I would say that it is a very safe procedure.

Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi Anything of this nature I turn to Jane Dixon, women's health specialist and Feloow of the CSP. It would not be right to give you her email but i am sure you can make contact with her via the CSP. She currently lives and works near Cambridge Cliff


Hi Grainne Donnelly We use the guidelines from the ACA and the use of NMES with an IUD or Mirena Coil is not contra indicated. If you or one of your colleagues is a member of the ACA I am sure thy will be able to access this, my version is an old photocopied one! Hope this help Stephanie@Kegel8

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