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E-stim with Mirena in situ

What is the general consensus on using vaginal e-stim with a Mirena in situ? A copper IUD is contra-indicated , Mirena is plastic but there is concern from some that there is a small amount of a metal oxide in the strings. Here in Australia the view is no evidence either way so don't use but many women who could benefit don't get to try stim as a treatment option due to their Mirena. Is there any evidence for/against? It is the most common question I get asked as the major retailer of e-stim machines to physios here in Australia . If the cervix is sitting high ( not prolapsed ) and a reasonable work/rest ratio used there should not be risk of current concentration / heating effect. Any clarification on this please as the manufacturers won't . I have used in my own practice with informed consent but am wary of advising others without concrete evidence. thanks

Fiona Rogers

2 weeks ago

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Hi Fiona. I have been observing to see if you’ve had a response and as there appears to be no-one willing to venture specific advice, I would suggest that there is no evidence (one way or the other). I would start by contacting the manufacturer to determine if, what, and how much ‘metal oxide’ exists in the device. Some manufacturers will have specific advice on how their device is used, and any potential precautions or contra-indications which may have resulted from adverse incident reports. All best, Liisa Laakso

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