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Difference between constant current and constant voltage mode?

I would like to understand when one would choose constant voltage (CV) mode and when one would choose constant current (CC) mode specifically with regards to interferential therapy?

Dominique Leibbrandt

6 months ago

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It does help! Thank you for your response.

Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Under normal conditions, there is no real difference between them. Technically, there is a difference in that with a constant current application, if the electrode becomes partly detached/unpeeled, then the applied voltage will go up and up in order to maintain the current - which can lead to a skin irritation. If the same thing happens on a constant voltage setting, the current will be reduced but the skin will not get irritated. With Interferential it is less of an issue anyhow as the waveform is sinusoidal and zero net DC. and most modern stimulators have limiters set within the stimulator circuits to prevent tissue overload. Not sure if that helps?

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