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Cosmetic electrotherapy's effects on malignancy development

Hello everyone, I am not an medical expert but a cancer patient, please excuse me for my limited knowledge. I would like to consult your opinion about the effect of cosmetic electrotherapy on cancer patient after surgery. I had a papillary carcinoma tumor (T1N0M0) in the right thyroid gland which was surgically removed 5 months ago. The left gland was unaffected at the time of surgery and my doctor decided to kept it and therefore I didn't undergo radioactive iodine treatment. The left gland was still in good condition when I checked up 2 months ago. Afterward I started to use a spa device called Hada Crie N4800 by Hitachi Japan that uses microcurrent (Desincrustation and Iontophoresis) to clean and nourish the skin. According to the device precautions, it do not recommend to use in case of pregnancy, menstruation, extreme fatigue and person having malignant tumor. So I guessed it's safe to use since my tumor was removed. I do apply the treatment on my face and neck as instructed by the manuals. However, when I checked up again 2 months later, my ultrasound result shows an isoechoic zone in the left gland. Though it's not concluded immediately as malignancy, my doctor still ask me to pay attention. I try to do researches on other similar devices available and the result is confusing: Panasonic Ion effector do not list malignancy in the cautions, Nu Skin Galvanic Home Spa ask chemotherapy patients to consult their doctor before use. And as far as I know, such technique is widely use in beauty salons. I really want to know the side effect of electrotherapy in my case, is it the factor that induces tumor development or should I avoid only the neck areas and it's still safe to use on other parts of the body. Thank you in advanced for your answer.

Leslie Dang

7 months ago

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