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Contraindication to ESWT


Please can you let me know your thoughts on whether ESWT is a contraindication or not for patients with insertional tendinopathies (ie the ESWT will potentially be targeting bone as well as the tendon) who have either osteopenia or osteoporosis?

Kind Regards

Anne-Marie Hutchison (Physiotherapist Morriston Swansea)

Anne-Marie Hutchison

1 year ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

several people have asked this over the last year or so. As has already been said, I can't see that there are any issues if you are using low power and/or radial shockwave. I too would be cautious if using high power / focussed. Tim


Hi, Anne-Marie In my understanding ESWT is a vast, inaccurate designation that encompasses high and low energy density SWT. Low energy density SWT, such as radial ones, are not connoted with osteolysis effects, and may even be a process of promoting osteogenesis. On the other hand as they are normally applied on the tendons / fascias / muscle also the potential deleterious effect is reduced. As for the high-energy SWT, such as focal ones, they do have destructive capacity and can therefore be contraindicated in the situations mentioned. In these sites you can find more interesting references: Https:// Hope it helps Regards

Last updated 1 year ago

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