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Can pregnant physiotherapists provide Electrotherapy?

What is the current evidence and advice for pregnant physiotherapists considering providing electrotherapy treatment to patients?

Kimberley Maddalena

1 year ago

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Dear Sandy and Cliff,

Thank you so much for your helpful replies,

Take care,


Cliff Eaton
Cliff Eaton

Hi Kimberly Sorry for my tardy response and then it is only to fully concur with Sandy. Other than SWD, which may not have any detrimental effect on a developing foetus, but we err on the side of caution, all other EPA's including relatively new ones such as Shockwave are safe to use by the therapist Best wishes Cliff

Dr Sandy Rennie
Dr Sandy Rennie

Hi Kimberley. The only electrophysical agent that physiotherapists should be cautious of when pregnant is using shortwave diathermy. It is recommended the pregnant physiotherapist makes sure she is not in the field of the SWD when applying it to a patient. I hope this information is helpful. Best regards, Sandy Rennie, PT, PhD

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