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Best investment for clinic - shockwave, laser or Tecar?

Hello. I'm looking at buying a decent bit of equipment for my clinic (physiotherapy) . Would love to hear the opinions of others - especially those that use a few forms of electrotherapy to see which you feel is the best investment / gets the most use .

Im looking at shockwave / laser or Tecar therapy.

Many thanks in advance

Sonia Jeffreys

2 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Sorry for the delay in responding Sonia. At the end of the day, all three of these (and several others) have a good evidence base and could be useful. If it comes down to purchasing one or the other, it will largely depend on the kind of patient groups that you would be seeing most - so if it was acute soft tissue / ligament stuff, then ultrasound might be your better option, but if it were a lot of chronic tendinopathy, then shockwave would lead the pack. There is (unfortunately) no one modality that is good for everything - no matter what the people who are doing the selling have to say about it! If you can tell us what your dominant patient presentation(s) might be then (without brand names) we might be able to get you a bit closer. Tim

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