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Are Healy’s frequency programs electrophysical treatment with real bioenergetically regenerative and pain reduce effects?

Producer & distributors of the Healy device claim it 'runs' programmes sending frequencies to stimulate specific areas of the body. Through regular use of the selected frequency programs, Healy can support restoring the cell membrane tension to a natural level. They also claim it's a certified medical device and is the first wearable that can treat a variety of diseases controlled by a smartphone. Recently also an "advisor coach" and "Nutrition App" are digitally offered. The healy companies and distributors give the impression it's kind of a universal treatment device for any medical problem. It is based on "TimeWaver", in fact it's a wearable and "self operated" version of it, where data ar stored in the cloud. I would like to ask the specialists on this forum if this device has real value and if it's worth the price (between € 500 and € 2500, depending on availability of "programmes") All background information can be found by simply googling "Healy" or "Healy World" and more on

Joris Van Vooren

6 months ago

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Prof Tim Watson
Prof Tim Watson

Joris. This is a device which is largely unknown in the published literature so far as I am aware. I have been through the website and struggle to identify exactly what the device delivers - but either it is not up there or I have missed it. They claim "Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists" - but in my database of 1/4 million research papers on electro, none of this research features. They mention both Becker and Nordenstrom - whose work I am aware of and have been following since the 1980's - but I can't find any publication by either of them on the Healy device. It may be great and it may do everything that is claimed - just that I can't provide any links to any evidence that says yes or no I am afraid. If anybody out there knows anything more, please do enlighten those of us who are in the dark. Tim

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