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Prof Tim Watson

Prof Tim Watson

Member since: Oct 2016

Prof Tim Watson is a forum moderator

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Reda. Ther was a fairly recent paper (2013) [Gorgey, A. S., et al. (2013). "Neuromuscular electrical...

Posted in Can I use electrical stimulation for people with SMA (spinal muscle atrophy)? 1 month ago


Thanks for your query. This has come around on this forum a couple of times fairly recently. T...

Posted in Pregnant operator using electromagnetic shockwave machine on erectile dysfunction patients 1 month ago

Indeed, agree with Prof Bellew - a TENS unit will not do the trick - biphasic current etc as explain...

Posted in Use of Ionotophoresis for Allergies 1 month ago

This is not something that I have used BUT I have 25+ papers on the use of shockwave for muscle spas...

Posted in What are the risks of using shockwave therapy on children. 2 months ago

Like Prof Laakso, I would agree that whilst there is no specific contraindication listed for scar ti...

Posted in Can we use Shockwave Therapy in breaking up goiter scar tissue? 2 months ago

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy produced a set of guidelines in the UK (2006) and there was a...

Posted in Ultrasound 2 months ago

This has come up in discussion previously (

Posted in Is shockwave therapy safe during pregnancy 2 months ago

There was a recent paper (Tonezzer, T., et al. (2017). "Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve s...

Posted in I am wondering what the evidence is for effectiveness or if anyone has any experience with using TENS to treat a client with severe chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy? Thanks! 3 months ago

Nothing specific BUT it depends on where it is that you want to be applying the TENS? Metal in the t...

Posted in Mitral valve replace ENT and tens for knee 3 months ago

A history of atrial fibrillation (AF) would not constitute a contraindication. If the AF is present ...

Posted in Hi, Are there contra indications for use of TENS on low back pain with a history of Atrial Fibrillation? 4 months ago