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Prof Tim Watson

Prof Tim Watson

Member since: Oct 2016

Prof Tim Watson is a forum moderator

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I normally have something to say - but I'll be quiet on this one - familiar with the principles and ...

Posted in Super Inductive System?????? 11 hours ago

Sabrina. Thank for your query. I get asked this one a lot, so there is a piece on it under the FAQ p...

Posted in Electrophysical tx as a pregnant therapist - Contraindications? 4 days ago

Rick. Both Alison and Sandy make an important point - 'heart conditions' can cover everything from a...

Posted in Heart disease contraindication TENS/EMS 1 week ago

Mike. Thanks for your query. I can't say from clinical experience of treating this condition with Sh...

Posted in Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) - Ideal Number of sessions? 2 weeks ago

In compete agreement with Cliff and Liisa. It is not contraindicated as an intervention, has been us...

Posted in Do you use NMES for kids with peripheral neuropathy 2 weeks ago

Nothing that would constitute a contraindication for e stim in a patient with such a cyst. With rega...

Posted in Baker's Cyst and Electrotherapy 3 weeks ago

Agree with several of the comments made so far. Yes, there is potential for gain but I suspect that ...

Posted in Would you recommend electrical nerve stimulation on a 14 month old who has low muscle tone? 3 weeks ago

Will not repeat what has already been posted - and thanks to Prof Goh and Cliff for their contributi...

Posted in Ultrasound and children 4 weeks ago

thanks for the reference links - appreciated. Tim

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 1 month ago

When I first came across the device, I thought it was going to be another 'short lived' gimmick, but...

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 1 month ago