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Prof Richard Liebano

Prof Richard Liebano

Member since: Jan 2017

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Hi Barbara. A cell phone does not interfere with TENS, IFC or NMES units.

Posted in Do cell (mobile) phones interfere with the devices that we use for TENS, IF or NMES? 2 years ago

Jefferson, a escolha dos parâmetros deve ser feita com base em tentativa e erro. Em dores agudas o u...

Posted in Qual o parâmetro mais recomendado para aplicação de TENS? 3 years ago

I agreed with my colleagues that tattoos are not contraindicated for therapeutic ultrasound. Richard...

Posted in Tattoo and therapeutic ultrasound 3 years ago

Applying TENS on knee in this case is completely safe.

Posted in Mitral valve replace ENT and tens for knee 3 years ago

Hi Caitlin,

Please see below a few more references on NMES and MS. I hope this helps.

A feasibility ...

Posted in Looking for suggestions on NMES application in a gentleman with MS 4 years ago

Hi LeeAnn. Prof David Draper has performed some studies on thermal effects of US in muscle tissue. W...

Posted in Use of ultrasound for QL strain 4 years ago

Hi Anna, I have never seen this using such low intensity. The periosteum is probably very sensitized...

Posted in Hypersensitivity to pulsed ultrasound over the greater trochanter 4 years ago

Dear Sabrina, The modalities you have cited are safe to be applied by a pregnant therapist. Modaliti...

Posted in Electrophysical tx as a pregnant therapist - Contraindications? 4 years ago

Electrophysical agents are not contraindicated for patients with Baker's cyst.

Posted in Baker's Cyst and Electrotherapy 4 years ago

Dear Maria. I would not reccommend ES for him. It's uncomfortable and a more global intervention wo...

Posted in Would you recommend electrical nerve stimulation on a 14 month old who has low muscle tone? 4 years ago