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Prof Oscar Ronzio

Prof Oscar Ronzio

Member since: Nov 2016

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Hi. In general this kind of devices are super extremely low frequency and extremely low frequency pu...

Posted in Super Inductive System?????? 5 hours ago

Hi everyone. I totally agree with Tim. I think that in your patology your PT should recomend to do o...

Posted in Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) - Ideal Number of sessions? 2 weeks ago

Dear Georgi. In most of the countries you can go to the pharmacy and ask the drug and the concentrat...

Posted in Iontophoresis with acetic acid 2 months ago

Hi, I recomend you to use also TENS in the contralateral lower limb.

Somers DL, Clemente FR. Transcu...

Posted in Pain at the dorsum of (R) foot 6 months ago

Hello! Because this is an EPA forum... you can ask us if you want to.

Posted in Why there's no section regarding general physiotherapy? 7 months ago

Dear Patrick

I allways use a S/D curve when the patient have a peripheral lesion. With this test it'...

Posted in S/D curve 9 months ago

Dear Gary, maybe you will find interesting the ussage of percutaneous galvanic current in aging and ...

Posted in I need help for a research on DC 10 months ago

Good morning Juliet. FES is for central lesions such us strokes. If you have a peripheral nerve lesi...

Posted in FES for Peripheral Nerve Injuries 1 year ago

Hi KS. You should start with low frequency (5 Hz) and a PW of 300 us due to artrogenic inhibition. ...

Posted in EMS TENS parameters for effective quadriceps rehabilitation 1 year ago

Dear Natasha, maybe you will found interesting the information included in these articles, published...

Posted in Ultrasound over growth plate in peadiatric patient 1 year ago