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Prof Oscar Ronzio

Prof Oscar Ronzio

Member since: Nov 2016

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Hi Ben. Some articles related changes in tendon structure (using UTC) after ESWT. Using the pain mon...

Posted in How do I load a tendinopathy during/after shockwave treatment? 1 year ago

Hi Dimitrios. I´ve been using/researching since many years the usage of galvanic microcurrent with a...

Posted in Electrotherapy and dry needling 1 year ago

Hi Melrose. Thank you for your interest in our FS. The WCPT is going to upload the powerpoints in .p...

Posted in Summary notes on 'The evidenced role of electrophysical modalities in contemporary physical therapy' from WCPT 3 years ago

DearJordi It is possible, yes, depending on the doses, the thermal effect and the wavelenght. Best, ...

Posted in Question regarding application of high power laser 3 years ago

Dear Lo Chi Ngai. You have our support. Fortunately, in Latin America, EPAs are not in danger to be ...

Posted in A campaign for retaining electrophysical agents in physiotherapy training and practice. 3 years ago

Dear Sally. I didn´t use ESWT in ganglios and I didn´t find articles in pubmed. My recommendation is...

Posted in ? Shockwave for treating ganglions 3 years ago

ove268, I saw the correlation in the website of zimmer but I don´t know how they calculated it. Plea...

Posted in Shockwave 4 years ago

Dear ove268. Yes, since a few years ago we have radial electromagnetics shockwaves. They are based o...

Posted in Shockwave 4 years ago

Ohh! Remember that the typical PEMF device is up to 40 mT (mili Tesla) and usually 8 to 20 mT

Posted in Super Inductive System?????? 4 years ago

Hi. In general this kind of devices are super extremely low frequency and extremely low frequency pu...

Posted in Super Inductive System?????? 4 years ago