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Prof Gad Alon

Prof Gad Alon

Member since: Nov 2016

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  1. Abate, M., C. Schiavone, and V. Salini, Usefulness of rehabilitation in patients with rotator cuff ...

Posted in Are blood-thinners a contraindication to shockwave therapy? 3 years ago

In general, to electrically activate denervated muscles you need much more powerful pulses and to ge...

Posted in Electrostimulation denervated muscle 3 years ago

The only study I could find was published in 2002 and found that sensory stimulation at night for 6-...

Posted in Can I use electrical stimulation for people with SMA (spinal muscle atrophy)? 3 years ago

Try to place calcium chloride solution (2-5%) pad in your nose without any electrical current. You m...

Posted in Use of Ionotophoresis for Allergies 3 years ago

Please send me an email to so I can better respond.

Posted in Clinician using NMES for pelvic floor rehab/strengthening/incontinence? 4 years ago

As one of the researchers who is currently involved in 2 studies using FES in critical care units at...

Posted in NMES adoption 4 years ago

There is never a straight answer for a question you ask but read the following: Linkov G, Branski RC...

Posted in Are schwannomas contraindications for electrostimulation? 4 years ago

Just be aware that if not water-based preparation, the US energy is blocked and will not reach the t...

Posted in Phonophoresis with proteolytic enzymes for Dupuytren contracture 4 years ago

My limited knowledge in the area of providing electrical stimulation DURING LABOUR is that what matt...

Posted in Tens settings for labour? 4 years ago

Can it be that your US is not calibrated and thus has hi density w/cm??

Posted in Hypersensitivity to pulsed ultrasound over the greater trochanter 4 years ago