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Prof David Selkowitz

Prof David Selkowitz

Member since: Dec 2017

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This is a tissue diagnosis, but one needs to conduct an examination and find the impairments present...

Posted in cervical spondylosis 9 months ago

Hi, LeeAnn. I think that the parameters are OK, depending on the area you will treat and the amount...

Posted in Use of ultrasound for QL strain 9 months ago

Superficial metal implants, meaning close to or protruding through the surface of the skin. With wh...

Posted in EMS Ab Stimulator 9 months ago

By the way, it would only be a potential issue with superficial implants if you were putting the ele...

Posted in EMS Ab Stimulator 9 months ago

Hello. Using the stimulator would be contraindicated in patients with the implanted devices you men...

Posted in EMS Ab Stimulator 9 months ago

Hello, Monika. I agree with Dr. Rennie that there is not a lot of research specifically assessing t...

Posted in Please advise if I'm using high voltage currents for pain and swelling relief (acute episode), is there a polarity to be set- and how to choose it as well as choice of HVPC over interferrential for the same effect . 1 year ago