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Niki Giada

Niki Giada

Member since: Aug 2017

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Honestly, I know that a rise up of pain following an RSWT treatment is normal...

Posted in Pain following Shockwave Biceps tendon 1 month ago

Shortwave has a lengthwave and power far away from X-Ray, Alfa Beta Gamma Ray. Obvious that isn't io...

Posted in Is pulsed shortwave considered non-ionising and so safe over growth plates? 2 months ago

Seems to be a nice questione but... from Portuguese to Italian or English, the sense of the question...

Posted in Ao ler os estudos sobre terapia à laser me deparei com uma dúvida: as recomendações da WALT serão seguidas independentemente da potência média ou tipo de aparelho? 4 months ago

Sorry for the big delay but i don't receive the notifications for replies. Well, EVIDENCE? TECAR its...

Posted in Hello, has anyone have clinical experience with TECAR therapy? how evidece based is it? thank you 10 months ago the base of ELECTROPHYSICAL AGENTS... TRANSCUTANEOUS NERV STIMULATION usually doesn't give a ...

Posted in Is Tens the same as NMES? 10 months ago

First of all you should write Long Wave Diathermy device... TECAR is jut a branded name of a known t...

Posted in Hello, has anyone have clinical experience with TECAR therapy? how evidece based is it? thank you 11 months ago

Prof Richard Liebano said:

Dear Sabrina, The modalities you have cited are safe to be applied by a ...

Posted in Electrophysical tx as a pregnant therapist - Contraindications? 1 year ago

Anyone can give me a specific LINK with info about this VITAL STIM? :) Thanks!

Posted in VNS and Vital Stim 1 year ago A system like this?

Posted in I am Physio to an elite rowing squad and want to do some research using EMG 1 year ago

Cliff Eaton said:

Sorry Kevin I am unaware of these units so cannot comment. I will look out for t...

Posted in Hands free laser 1 year ago