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Member since: May 2017

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Strange. Just for precaution you should check on the equipment.

Posted in Interferential current caused burn over tattoo 2 months ago

Hi Ronald For open scars I suggest a gas LASER (e.x. HeNe 633 nm) and 4j/cm2 per point. A search in ...

Posted in Laser to to reduce scaring from laceration in young child? 2 months ago

Anne-Marie. It has been reported in the literature that Shockwaves have a proinflammatory effect. Th...

Posted in Is oral hydrocortisone a contraindication to ESWT for plantar fasiopathy? 4 months ago

Two other pearls!

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation: current status of evidence Pain Manag...

Posted in Australian physiotherapists banning electrotherapy for LBP 4 months ago

Hi Ester, I share the opinion of Wendy and Estherderu and others. In my 33 years of practice, readin...

Posted in Australian physiotherapists banning electrotherapy for LBP 4 months ago

In fact is seams that some authors do have that opinion but on pregnancy, and I quote CPA (1), “Houg...

Posted in NMES for Postpartum pelvic floor rehab 5 months ago

Some thoughts that I use in my clinical thinking that might help in this matter.

  • Class 3b low power...

Posted in Class 3b vs Class 4 laser 5 months ago

Hi, Anne-Marie In my understanding ESWT is a vast, inaccurate designation that encompasses high and...

Posted in Contraindication to ESWT 5 months ago