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Member since: Dec 2017

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Hi Myriam. Yes, it’s contentious and the response will depend on who you talk to and what evidence t...

Posted in use of cold in acute injuries 1 week ago

Hi Chiara. Understandable to question this matter. The ‘traditional’ contra-indication/risk is theor...

Posted in Do you use NMES for kids with peripheral neuropathy 1 month ago

Dear Aviv, It’s not necessarily about the machine / brand. It’s more about what each device brings t...

Posted in dolorclast smart 10 or storz mp100 help 3 months ago

Hi Megan. A great question and one I have not specifically come across before. However, I am in agre...

Posted in VNS and Vital Stim 3 months ago

Dear Kevin, In the end, my advice is dependent on what you seek to treat. It is correct to say that ...

Posted in Hands free laser 3 months ago

Hi all. Sorry I have come in so late on this one. (Yes, one year is VERY late!) Others have noted th...

Posted in How much physical pressure is required when applying LASER? 3 months ago

Dear Helen, You have made some good observations. General guidelines such as the ones you have cited...

Posted in Laser dosages, minimum and maximum 3 months ago