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Fiona Rogers

Fiona Rogers

Member since: Dec 2016

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HI Stephanie - do you have a link to those guidelines? I would be interested to read them as it has ...

Posted in can pelvic floor muscle stimulation using a vaginal electrode be used on a patient that has copper IUD implant 1 year ago

Hi Clare, My understanding has always been ( and please anyone correct me on any of this) : They all...

Posted in Is Tens the same as NMES? 1 year ago

Hi Tim, Thank you for your response. I tend to be of the same opinion re the Mirena but have struggl...

Posted in E-stim with Mirena in situ 1 year ago

Thank you for responding Liisa, really appreciate it. From my research over the time, there is no ev...

Posted in E-stim with Mirena in situ 1 year ago

What is the general consensus on using vaginal e-stim with a Mirena in situ? A copper IUD is contra-...

Posted in E-stim with Mirena in situ 1 year ago

The pre-set program in the commonly used NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS uses 90Hz with a boost mode of bu...

Posted in Tens settings for labour? 2 years ago

I haven't heard it as a contraindication either - thank you for the above references ! My understand...

Posted in NMES for Postpartum pelvic floor rehab 2 years ago