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Dr Sandy Rennie

Dr Sandy Rennie

Member since: Oct 2016

Dr Sandy Rennie is a forum moderator

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Hi again Zeph.

Perhaps you should consider trying TENS instead of IFC. See this article by Abe et al...

Posted in using interferential on the jaw 1 year ago

I would also recommend Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Research to Support Clinic...

Posted in Any book recommendations for IFT and TENS ? 1 year ago

Sally to my knowledge ultrasound gel does not contain any form of nuts or seeds. It is made of water...

Posted in Ultrasound Gel - nut allergy 1 year ago

Hello Zephaniah.

Yes Interferential current is safe to use on the jaw. It may be best used in pre-mo...

Posted in using interferential on the jaw 1 year ago

Hi Kimberley. The only electrophysical agent that physiotherapists should be cautious of when pregna...

Posted in Can pregnant physiotherapists provide Electrotherapy? 1 year ago

Hi Matt. I would suggest determining what grade the muscle strength is of each leg (quadriceps in pa...

Posted in NMES on just the affected side? 3 years ago

Hi Mary. I’m not sure about gloves with IFC - I’ve only seen one used with HVPC. However in your sit...

Posted in IF therapy on middle joint of middle finger 3 years ago

Hi Hannah.

Using NMES for this patient should not create any problems re the intramedullary nail. Th...

Posted in Can NMES be used over an intramedullary lengthening nail? 3 years ago

Hello Fiona. Normal FES as used for innervated musculature will unlikely assist muscle(s) that are c...

Posted in FES and peroneal nerve damage 4 years ago

Hello Oussama.

We recently published a special issue og Physiotherapy Canada entitled Neuromuscular ...

Posted in NMES adoption 4 years ago