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Dr Sandy Rennie

Dr Sandy Rennie

Member since: Oct 2016

Dr Sandy Rennie is a forum moderator

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I have to agree with my colleague Alison Hoens. Without more information about your scenario, I beli...

Posted in Heart disease contraindication TENS/EMS 1 month ago

Hello Monika. There is not very much research that I could find on the use of HVPC for pain relief. ...

Posted in Please advise if I'm using high voltage currents for pain and swelling relief (acute episode), is there a polarity to be set- and how to choose it as well as choice of HVPC over interferrential for the same effect . 3 months ago

Hello Sarah. I too agree with Professors Watson and Liebano. Although not female, I have used ESWT o...

Posted in Delivering shockwave when pregnant 3 months ago

I would agree with Professor Watson. The Physiotherapy Canada Special Issue on Contraindications and...

Posted in Is superficial heat appropriate in children or teens with leukemia? 4 months ago

Hi Esther. I concur with my EPA colleagues - especially Professor Chipchase who live sin Australia! ...

Posted in Australian physiotherapists banning electrotherapy for LBP 9 months ago

Hello Natasha.

I am unaware of any human studies/situations where ultrasound used near pediatric gro...

Posted in Ultrasound over growth plate in peadiatric patient 1 year ago

Hello Natasha.

Research has indicated that low intensity pulsed or continuous ultrasound can be use...

Posted in Ultrasound over growth plate in peadiatric patient 1 year ago

Hi Esther.

Regrettably I have no experience with muscle stimulation for patients with dysphagia. How...

Posted in NMES vitalstim in dysphagia in young infants effective?? 1 year ago

To the question raised about studies examining current density and biphasic currents... unfortunatel...

Posted in Electrical stimulation on metal implant 1 year ago

In the 2010 (Vol 62, no. 10) Special Issue of Physiotherapy Canada on Electrophysical Agents: Contra...

Posted in Therapeutic Ultrasound - safe for skin graft/flap reconstruction following RTA/bone graft? 1 year ago