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Dinesh Verma

Dinesh Verma

Member since: Nov 2016

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As clearly explained by Prof Tim - I will repeat - ANY Sales Platform may claim effects - b...

Posted in ESWT Machine Sold at Walmart; Legitimate? 2 years ago

Hi - As I know in many applications with Focused Shockwave - You may ideally need the guidance o...

Posted in Focused shockwave therapy for physiotherapists 2 years ago

Purely MEDICAL history of AF should not pose any sort of contra-indication.

Posted in Hi, Are there contra indications for use of TENS on low back pain with a history of Atrial Fibrillation? 3 years ago

Hi Sarah - My view while you compare Specs - will be good to differentiate between Phase durati...

Posted in Hi, this is quite a basic question as I'm fairly new to electrotherapy and is regarding pulse width/length on an NMES machine 4 years ago

Hi - Sorry for late reply - Having myself involved with ESTiM for Dysphagia training - I would s...

Posted in VNS and Vital Stim 4 years ago

Dear Prof Tim - Quiet agree with you. Emma - My view is Electrode size would have to depend to TA...

Posted in Electrode size- does it matter? 4 years ago

Agreed with above comments too.. !

Posted in Delivering shockwave when pregnant 4 years ago


I believe Pain relief effects are relatively happening with HPVC - indirectly due to its Circul...

Posted in Please advise if I'm using high voltage currents for pain and swelling relief (acute episode), is there a polarity to be set- and how to choose it as well as choice of HVPC over interferrential for the same effect . 4 years ago

Not heard for such response to EStim as such . Only reason - I may think ....if it does REALLY r...

Posted in Interferential current caused burn over tattoo 4 years ago

Agreed... We should stay focused in this Forum on - EPA or Tech related matters . There are sever...

Posted in Why there's no section regarding general physiotherapy? 4 years ago