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Cliff Eaton

Cliff Eaton

Member since: Oct 2016

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Just adding my suport to the previous comments Grainne. I am quite sure you will find littel resear...

Posted in Baker's Cyst and Electrotherapy 3 weeks ago

Hi Chiara There is nothing to suggest that NMES will cause harm in these cases. Malignancy is not c...

Posted in Do you use NMES for kids with peripheral neuropathy 3 weeks ago

Dear Jen Firstly I heartly agree with Prof Ah-Cheng Goh. ESWT (shockwave) should be the go to modal...

Posted in Ultrasound and children 1 month ago

What thing Georgi?

Posted in Deep oscillation?? 1 month ago

Dear Georgi As a Physio I do not have full prescription rights so I do not administer Iontophoresis....

Posted in Iontophoresis with acetic acid 2 months ago

The ONLY contraindication cited by the ISMST and DIGEST relating tyo preganancy is: Low energy radi...

Posted in Delivering shockwave when pregnant 2 months ago

A late responder Liisa but a response well worth awiting for :)

Posted in How much physical pressure is required when applying LASER? 2 months ago

Kevin just spoken to a guy who knows a bit about the ASA products. So, according to him, these hand...

Posted in Hands free laser 3 months ago

Sorry Kevin I am unaware of these units so cannot comment. I will look out for them at MEDICA and i...

Posted in Hands free laser 3 months ago

Very usefulresponse thank you Maryam

Posted in Pulse width and rates for atypical facial pain and trigeminal neuralgia 3 months ago