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Member since: Feb 2017

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Do you recommend getting an ultrasound scan pre ESWT given there is a lack of clinical tests investi...

Posted in What are the current recommendations regarding ESWT and the need to Ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis, pre treatment? 10 months ago

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments. I can comfirm that we use radial ESWT.

Our F and A consultant...

Posted in Wriiten consent for ESWT? 10 months ago

We (ABMU Health board)take written consent from all our patients pre ESWT due to the reported risk o...

Posted in Wriiten consent for ESWT? 11 months ago

We have a patient who takes 10mg x 2 a day and 5 mg x 1 a day of hydrocortisone following removal of...

Posted in Is oral hydrocortisone a contraindication to ESWT for plantar fasiopathy? 1 year ago


Please can you let me know your thoughts on whether ESWT is a contraindication or not for patien...

Posted in Contraindication to ESWT 1 year ago

Dear Forum

Re: Is Shock wave appropriate ?

A patient has attended the Heel Pain Clinic in Morriston ...

Posted in Is Shock wave a contraindication or not for patients with a mixed connective tissue disease? 2 years ago